Fire Warden Training

Looking for a fire warden / marshal training course? Fire Wardens carry out a vital role within UK businesses and fire safety legislation requires that they are provided with adequate training.


Day-to-Day Vigilance

Part of a warden’s job is to have fire-safety awareness at all times and be vigilant everyday against the threat of fire. The first section of the DVD covers all aspects of daily vigilance that could be expected of a fire warden.


Training & Knowledge

Should an emergency incident occur a warden should have sufficient training and knowledge to respond both swiftly and appropriately. This section of the DVD covers different areas that wardens should typically be knowledgeable in.


Safe Evacuation

An integral part of a fire warden’s duties is to facilitate a safe evacuation procedure and in particular of visitors and contractors who may be unfamiliar with your premises. The DVD covers the topic of safe evacuation in depth.


Tackling Small Fires

Where appropriate and in line with your company policy then most wardens are required to receive training in tackling small fires. The final section of the DVD handles the selection and use of portable extinguishers within the workplace.

Fire safety training via DVD is cost effective and simple to administer. There are many suppliers available but ensuring the video learning would be acceptable as ‘training’ is important. Video learning with no ‘test of understanding’ would not be recognised as training in a court of law. Our DVD comes complete with accompanying CD containing the following: question and answer sheets with a minimum pass mark, certificate templates and training record templates (on Microsoft Word and PDF formats).